Sea Kayaking - 1 day Nordfjord Coastal Adventure | Norway Adventures

Address: Urane, 6730 Davik Dato: Torsdag 16 jan 2020 - torsdag 16 jan 2025 Vis kart

Address: Urane, 6730 Davik

At this spectacular Atlantic Coast we can choose easy protected paddling or going out in the white water. The area has great nature, many big and small islands, steep cliffs and some exotic white beaches. This makes it to an ideal place to experience the magnificent rough coast of Norway. Many people are surprised by the big difference between this coast and the fjords. The trip can be adapted to suit children as well.

Trip Highlights

Great variety in coastal landscapes
High sea cliffs like Mt. Hornelen
The beauty of large and small islands
Sea eagles and other wildlife like seals, birds etc.
Exotic white sandy beaches
Picturesque fisherman villages and other cultural historic places

What is included in this kayak tour

Outdoor lunch
The services of an experienced Norway Adventures guide throughout the trip, including basic paddle and safety instructions before starting.
All kayak equipment (single or double kayaks, paddle, paddle vest, waterproof luggage bag).

Start: 10 a.m, from a beach near Kalvåg.
Finish: 4 p.m.

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Sea Kayaking - 1 day Nordfjord Coastal Adventure | Norway Adventures


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